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STORY & STYLE I’t is very important to have always a pride of Japan LIFEWORK PRODUCTS✱COLLECT MANIA「よい畑で野菜を育てて料理を作る。そんなふうにウェアも作れたら良いのにね…。」 そんな思いからCOLLECT MANIAは生まれました。種を蒔く、成長を見守る、収穫する、 素材を活かして美味しい料理を作る……..それを実現するには、手の届くところで作ら なければなりません。 「だったら全てを日本国内で作ろう!」 そうしてできた物達は、手間ひまと日本の技術、職人さんの力がたっぷり詰まって、 味わい深いものに仕上がりました。 そんなものをいっぱい集めた、マーケットのテントみたいな場所がCOLLECT MANIAです。


We really like the way of cooking with very special vegetables which have been cultivated with very good care.
We wanted to make our wears like the way. We made our collections Collectmania from the spirit.

Seeding, Taking care of the baby leaves, Watching the growing and Harvest. Then, appreciating the harvest,
cooking them to be the best cuisines which are suitable for them.
To make the high quality cuisines, these whole processes should be watched by some trustful people.

Having been thinking over it, we decided to make our Collectmania wears only in Japan to watch the whole process
by ourselves. We would love to check all of the processes by ourselves.
As the results, Collectmania wears turned to be original and trustful items which have very special specifications.
Collectmania brand includes a lot of items which were made with very careful and professional Japanese skills.


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COLLECT MANIA Remade Patchwork





We always try to create our own and original sense of value and the possibilities.
We enjoy putting our own thoughts into the fabrics and outfits which we couldn’t use enough before
to make them alive again with respect and in a courteous manner in Japan, I mean, respecting
and taking care of each and each very carefully.
And we are very happy to be able to bring the re-created items which we could make reborn to the new people who really
want to own and enjoy having them as their own belongings.

This is our own way and philosophy which we would like to propose.
– Giving the wonderful lives to make them reborn to the fabrics and outfits which we couldn’t use enough,
and it should be re-made with the customized way for each person to meet each customer’s requests.

We would appreciate it very much if you could find your own favorite item here to make your days
much more wonderful and you could enjoy yourself living with the reborn items.

I hope you can enjoy here !! Welcome to our own possibility world.


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